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  • Be Your Own Boss

  • Avoid Stress

Get Started on the Right Foot with the Right Business Success Tools

  • Develop a Solid Why Your Business Will Be Successful

    When you know that you know your business will solve a problem for your customers, your will have a solid Why.

  • Learn How to Build Your Business Successfully

    Take control of How to build your business. Take the steps that include soft and hard elements to build your business successfully.

  • Get What You Need to Build Your Business

    Don’t waste valuable time going it alone. Get introduced to tools successful businesspeople use. Get what you need right here.

Build a Business You Can Operate Anywhere

How it works -

  • Experience the Kick-Starter Business Program will introduce you and align you with the tools you will need to build your business.

  • Strengthen the soft skills that will help you maintain your forward momentum in building your business.

  • Gain knowledge of how to use the hard skills and systems to grow and operate your business.

  • Use the knowledge you have gained to begin building or continue to grow your business to the level of success you desire.


Co-Owner of the National RV Training Academy and Workamper News

Steve Anderson

Steve and his bride of 38 years, Kathy Jo, purchased Workamper News in 2005. Prior to that, Steve was the HR Director at Adventureland Amusement Park in Iowa, where he developed one of the larger, more successful Workamper programs in the U.S. Over the past 15 years, Steve has developed numerous new programs and continues to be an advocate for education, which stems from his 7 years of teaching high school right out of college. In 2019, Steve became a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer. Steve has helped to develop RV maintenance education programs and the RV inspection industry. These ventures took Steve & Kathy Jo across America in their motorhome over 3 years. Steve & Kathy Jo are co-owners of the Texan RV Park & Campus and the National RV Training Academy and the Big Red School House in Athens, TX.


Mark J. Kohler

Mark is an attorney, CPA, entrepreneur, best-selling author, national speaker, radio show host, news contributor, and pundit. He is known as the nations’ leading voice for entrepreneurs and small business owners, having taught thousands of people how to take control of their financial future and steer their business to success, through his powerful business, tax, and legal strategies.

Starting a new business is daunting...

You may have attempted starting a business once before and met with failure. You may have even said to yourself, “never again,” and yet you understand that to have the freedom you want, it is necessary.

You must be able to produce income to have the freedom to do what you desire; to have the personal flexibility to live life on your terms, and not be reliant upon an employer.

What makes this time different? You are not going to be doing it alone. You are also going to be learning more about yourself, and that understanding is just as important as the actual business tools you will be using to operate your business.

The Small Business RVer Kick-Starter Business Program can be your launchpad to business success. You don’t have to take the steps alone, nor even spend the time to figure out which steps you need to take to be successful. You can take the time to figure out the steps you need to take, possibly, or you can join us and go down a charted path that we know will provide what you need to build your business.

The Kick-Starter Business Program will provide you with business building education you will not have to find on your own. When you give yourself the kick-start, you will be able to embrace a clear path into the small business world.

Some people feel like they can build their business on their own. After building ten different businesses and developing business coaching relationships, we had seen the difference in our successes when we followed the training and coaching provided by successful mentors.

Put yourself in the “successful” category by kick-starting your business with this online, self-paced, educational resource to get you where you want to go.

It's Time to Get Connected
Self-Paced Learning Program

The amount of time you invest will determine how long it will take you to get through the program.

Course Materials:

Your tuition includes the following materials that will be shipped to you or made available to you online:

  • 8 Steps to Start & Grow Your Business program by Mark J. Kohler; includes the printed copy and access to the online interactive suite ($99 value)
  • Online access to the Kohler Tax & Legal Library ($399 value)
  • The DISC Advantage – Personality Profile Assessment and Course ($99 value)
  • The Ziglar Performance Planner and Course ($49 value)
  • The Ziglar Goal Setting and Achievement Course ($69 value)
  • The Ziglar Building the Best You Course ($69 value)
  • 12 Monthly Live Webinar Q&A Sessions with Mark J. Kohler ($500 value)

Over $1,200 in course materials!

The Kick-Starter Business Program includes 40+ recorded sessions available to be experienced at your own pace. 

Currently the course topics are as follows, but they are open to change:

  • Session #1: Course Introduction – What to Expect
  • Session #2: Start with Why
  • Session #3: Building the Best You
  • Session #4: Introduction of Mark J. Kohler’s “The Eight Steps.”
  • Session #5: DISC Advantage – Assessment and Course – Part One
  • Session #6: DISC Advantage – Assessment and Course – Part Two
  • Session #7: Ziglar Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Session #8: Introduction to the Ziglar Performance Planner
  • Session #9: Three Plans for Developing Your Business
  • Session #10: What is Your What?
  • Session #11: Why Your Business Is not Going to Fail!
  • Session #12: Business Planning Made Easy – Building a Business Plan
  • Session #13: It’s Time for a Financial Intervention
  • Session #14: Business Start-Up Costs
  • Session #15: Fixed and Variable Costs
  • Session #16: Break Even Point
  • Session #17: Your Ten-Year Vision
  • Session #18: Building the Strategic Plan
  • Session #19: Your Daily Battle Plan
  • Session #20: Building Your Board of Directors/Advisors
  • Session #21: Bookkeeping Basics – Why Bookkeeping
  • Session #22: Who is Going to Do Your Bookkeeping?
  • Session #23: Using Credit Cards Wisely in Your Business
  • Session #24: Why Have a Merchant Account
  • Session #25: Setting Up Your Bank Account
  • Session #26: Building a Marketing Plan
  • Session #27: Your CRM; Building Referrals and Managing Social Media
  • Session #28: Using a DBA (Doing Business As)
  • Session #29: Choosing the Best Entity
  • Session #30: When to Use the Sole Proprietorship
  • Session #31: The S Corporation
  • Session #32: Why Convert to an S Corporation
  • Session #33: Travel Expenses
  • Session #34: Write-Off Auto Expenses
  • Session #35: Dining Expenses
  • Session #36: Cell Phone Deductions
  • Session #37: Deducting Your Home Office
  • Session #38: Paying Family Members
  • Session #39: Business Efficiency and Growth
  • Session #40: The Difference Between Employees and Sub-Contractors
  • Session #41: Advanced Business Education

Your Investment:

Your Special Reduce Your Start-Up Costs Offer. Invest just $332.33/month for three months to pay for your Small Business Education. This will help stretch out your expenses to get started.

With your registration, you will receive one-year access to the Kick-Starter Business Program. This includes a seat in the monthly, live webinar Q&A sessions with Mark J. Kohler and Steve Anderson

You will also receive additional Bonuses:

  • A special offer from KKOS Lawyers (Mark J. Kohler's Law Firm) to develop your business entity when you are ready.
  • A special offer just for Kick-Starter students to Camping Keepers for full-service, monthly bookkeeping services for just $99/month.

Put Your Passion Into Action!

“You are what you are, and you are where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”
- Zig Ziglar

You Can Do It!

With the Kick-Starter Business Program you'll learn how to build a business and have the tools to help you live a life of freedom!